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The following works are ranked in
order for theirexemplarycraftsmanship, entertainment
value, and je ne sais quoi, all available for your binge-listening

From The Atlantic

In an article about
anexemplaryinitiative to teach doctors about nutrition, a
recipe appears that is so unhealthy as to render the project

From Huffington Post

Theexemplaryyaogunners are
those that see yaogun’s task as more than just playing music.

From The Atlantic

The “behind the scenes” prep work

From Los Angeles Times

But in the practice of his calling he
was anexemplaryhumanist, in a terrifying land where
humanism is apostasy and apostasy is death.

From The Atlantic

While not all schools in the past
wereexemplary, educational practice these days is nearly
devoid of critical examination.

From Huffington Post

The decision argued that these men
and women wereexemplaryand deserving of praise and honor.


The conjoined twins who aren’t
separated at birth and do manage to grow up have so far tended to
be more or lessexemplarycitizens.

From Slate

Despite these logistical problems,
their investigative rigor remainsexemplary.

From San Francisco Chronicle

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any
opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the
Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or
its licensors.

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